Monday, November 21, 2011

What does beauty is in the eyes of the beholder mean?


it means that everyone interperates what beautiful is in their own way and that u shouldn't change yr self to please everyone.......

example : one person may thinnk of himself as a freak but the girl down teh block may think he is an uber hottie ... vice versa

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LollieWhat does beauty is in the eyes of the beholder mean?
different things are beautiful to different people.What does beauty is in the eyes of the beholder mean?
it means...other ppl may se some one to be ugly..but in thelong runit is what each person sees..thus being the meaning,everyone sees everyone in their only ways.
It means that everybody has their own interpretation of what is beautiful. Just because one person doesn't think something is beautiful doesn't mean another person doesn't.
That what is beautiful to you is not necessarily beautiful to me. what is beautiful in China or Africa is not necessarily beautiful in Italy or America.

it means that you can find beauty in things than other people perhaps think that there's no beauty in.
One man's trash is another man's treasure... one man sees a penny another man sees a fortune. We all view things differently and feel differently about what we see.
it means that everyone sees beauty in different ways and just because you are not beautiful to some people doesnt mean that you wont be beautiful to others as we all see beauty in different ways.
Exaclty what it says.

The person who ';holds'; the eye has their own perception of beauty. What is beautiful to one person might be downright unattractive to another person.

Everybody has different opinions on things in life. Beauty is one of those ';things'; that everybody has a different opinion on.

The quote itself doesn't necessarily refer to beauty. It is just saying that everyone has their opinion and it may not be the same as others opinions.
the beholder is the person looking

like everyone thinks different things are beautiful so if you find something beautiful and someone else dosent that would be beauty in the eyes of the beholder

i dont think i made too much sence but i tried

hope i helped a little?
You use this proverb to say that different people have different opinions about what is good/beautiful/valuable.
I don't know what do you think? hmmm maybe that someone is going to like something that is disliked by the majority. somewhere in the world someone will think you are beautiful.

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